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    • AniMack

      I’m sure if the post itself is racist. I assume that would have to be each person’s personal point of view. with that being said; I rarely see lots of white men in sweats who don’t wear compression shorts or se type of undergarment underneath because of obvious reasons. ( before anyone says I’m talking penis size, I’m not I’m talking penis visibility )  This post if objectifying because it is. Point. Blank. Period. Those of you who don’t find it objectifying are the ones thinking well ” these guys probably like the attention” or “They’re the one who took the picture I’m not doing anything wrong by looking” Both may be true, but they’re both as true as a guy saying he’s got the right to comment, stare at, or grope my breasts because my shirt is tighter or has a lower cut neckline. Rape culture doesn’t only apply to women. All of those photos are sourced, and in pretty sure posted WITHOUT the permission of the persons in them. So yes all of those black (and 1 white male) are being sexually objectified for article likes by the author. Whether or not you like to see BBC is irrelevant. This entire post is a Thirst Trap. It’s hypocritical, it’s a double standard, and just plain nasty. I’m a prude in no way, and I like a larger than average penis but the ones I like are being shown to me by a willing and consensual partner.  I’m sure if the female who contributed this article was on the subway and one of these fellas decided to stand in front of her with his massive hang down slapping her in the face, she wouldn’t be grabbing an inhaler. She be calling the cops or posting about the sexual predator who attacked her.  Her porn culture post is silly because you know IRL she’s no better than those dried up chicks who love to read “50 Shades Of Grey”. They’re sexually stunted, aren’t getting banged properly, living in a fantasy land, and wouldn’t know what to do with the guy if she had him.  So please be easy, she’s not even about that life. ✌️

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