26 Everyday Things That Are Called Something Else In Canada

Take off your runners, slip on your housecoat, and read this list. Inspired by the Tumblr, What’s Different In Canada.

1. Non-Dairy Creamer = Coffee Whitener

Creative Commons / Flickr: quinnanya / Via Flickr: quinnanya

2. A Suck-Up, a Brown-Noser, or a Teacher’s Pet = a Keener, an Eager Beaver, or a Keen Bean

Thinkstock / Jani Bryson

3. Powdered Sugar = Icing Sugar

4. Sneakers or Running Shoes = Runners

Thinkstock / Thomas Northcut

5. Toy Cars (or Hot Wheels) = Dinky Cars

Creative Commons / Flickr: popcorncx / Via Flickr: popcorncx

6. TV Remote = Converter

Thinkstock / udra

Although, only a handful of Canadians still call it that today.

7. Kraft Macaroni and Cheese = Kraft Dinner or K.D.

8. Silverware = Cutlery (in Canada, silverware literally signifies utensils made of silver)

Universal Pictures

9. Kickball = Soccer Baseball


10. Parking Garage = Parkade

11. Bathrobe = Housecoat

Thinkstock / moodboard

12. 375ml of Liquor = a Mickey

Creative Commons / Flickr: jegy / Via Flickr: jegy

13. Take a Test = Write a Test

14. Beanie or a Knit Hat = Toque (rhymes with fluke)

15. Colored Pencils = Pencil Crayons


16. “Pajamas” = “Pyjamas”

Southern Star Group / Via

17. American Cheese = Processed Cheese

Thinkstock / The_Pixel

18. Bathroom = Washroom


19. In Saskatchewan, a Hooded Sweatshirt = a Bunnyhug

20. Electric Bill = Hydro Bill

HydroOttawa / Via

21. Whole Wheat Toast = Brown Toast

Creative Commons / Flickr: deedoucette / Via Flickr: deedoucette

22. Garbage Disposal = Garburator

23. 24-pack = Two-Four

24. Poster Board = Bristol Board

25. Grades = Marks

Universal Pictures / Via

26. Rubber Bands = Elastics

Grand Hustle, Atlantic / Via

“[elastics] man
Like a one-man band”

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