Presidential Barbie Is Upon Us Once Again

And she’s wearing a pair of sensible shoes for the first time ever! ZOMG, etc.

Pre-sale for the new “I Can Be… President” Barbie Doll begins today. And what fortuitous timing with so many politicians advocating Hillary Clinton’s 2016 run this week. This Barbie — which comes in Caucasian, Hispanic, African American, and Asian — apparently “stands for inspiring girls to be informed and involved in their local communities,” a Mattell marketing VP said. Though Mattel has released president Barbies during each of the past four presidential election years, the “New York Daily News” points out:

Presidential Barbie - trading in her high heels for the first time in 52 years - comes with a pair of sensible, office-appropriate wedges.

Maybe in 2016 they’ll make an even more progressive version carrying a pack of birth control pills.

ID: 210421

These shoes remind anyone else of Crocs?

ID: 210433


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