Everybody Wants Hillary Clinton To Run For President In 2016

The chatter started by Senator Kirsten Gillibrand is beginning sound a bit like the beginning of something. Here’s what six key figures, and also Donald Trump, have to say.

Gillibrand made her support clear in our recent interview.

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In a TV interview, Bill said he’d be happy if his wife ran.

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James Carville, the lead strategist behind Bill’s campaign, actually thinks she will run.

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Former New York City Mayor Ed Koch is happy to hop on the bandwagon.

ID: 202941

New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd wrote that she thinks a 2016 Hillary run is likely.

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David Plouffe, Obama campaign manager extraordinaire, acknowledged Hillary’s potential candidacy on Meet The Press.

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And strangely enough, even Donald Trump thinks Hillary will run. Even more strangely, he seems to support it.

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