Check Out Katy Perry’s White Latex Obama Dress

Voting never looked so… tight.

1. Wednesday night in Las Vegas, Katy Perry took the stage wearing what looked like a stuffy conservative skirt suit.

John Gurzinski / Getty Images

With the Statue of Liberty’s torch as her mic, obvs.

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2. She was singing to support the president.

John Gurzinski / Getty Images

She told the audience to vote early for Obama (by the way, Obama is voting today).

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3. And she ripped off her skirt suit (everyone knew it was coming) to reveal a white latex dress with the candidates names all over them.

John Gurzinski / Getty Images
ID: 659297

4. Why, that’s not Katy Perry — it’s a singing, dancing voter’s ballot!

John Gurzinski / Getty Images

FINALLY “Fireworks” makes sense: “Do you ever feel, feel so paper thin?
Like a house of cards, one blow from caving in?” Hello!

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5. This musically adept voter’s ballot also had some advanced flag nail art.

John Gurzinski / Getty Images

That’s American innovation at work, right there.

ID: 659299
John Gurzinski / Getty Images
ID: 659301

7. It all had the president a bit giggly.

John Gurzinski / Getty Images

By the way, he kissed Katy’s 91-year-old grandmother backstage — and then everyone made the obvious joke about him liking it.

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