Check Out Katy Perry’s White Latex Obama Dress

Voting never looked so… tight.

1. Wednesday night in Las Vegas, Katy Perry took the stage wearing what looked like a stuffy conservative skirt suit.

John Gurzinski / Getty Images

With the Statue of Liberty’s torch as her mic, obvs.

2. She was singing to support the president.

John Gurzinski / Getty Images

She told the audience to vote early for Obama (by the way, Obama is voting today).

3. And she ripped off her skirt suit (everyone knew it was coming) to reveal a white latex dress with the candidates names all over them.

John Gurzinski / Getty Images

4. Why, that’s not Katy Perry — it’s a singing, dancing voter’s ballot!

John Gurzinski / Getty Images

FINALLY “Fireworks” makes sense: “Do you ever feel, feel so paper thin?
Like a house of cards, one blow from caving in?” Hello!

5. This musically adept voter’s ballot also had some advanced flag nail art.

John Gurzinski / Getty Images

That’s American innovation at work, right there.

John Gurzinski / Getty Images

7. It all had the president a bit giggly.

John Gurzinski / Getty Images

By the way, he kissed Katy’s 91-year-old grandmother backstage — and then everyone made the obvious joke about him liking it.

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