24 Things People Who Are Always Hungry Know To Be True

Three meals a day is a joke. So is portion control.

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1. Getting food into your mouth before someone asks you for some is of the utmost importance.

2. When you’re hungry, it feels like the world is ending and you can’t possibly go on.

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3. Drooling at food commercials is totally an everyday thing.

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4. And forget about what the Food Network does to you.

Porn for the perpetually hungry.

5. Hanger. Nuff said.

6. You’re often compared to a garbage disposal, or a vacuum.

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7. You often get intense and specific food cravings.

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Akin to that of a pregnancy craving, but worse.

8. If you go to a party and there isn’t food, you literally can’t comprehend what’s going on.

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9. You have no words to explain the pure joy you feel before eating a meal.

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10. If plans with your friends don’t include food, you’re too busy.

Let me know if you guys decide to get noms, I’ll be there.

11. Being stuck anywhere without food is traumatizing.

12. Audible stomach growls.

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13. You get a bit aggressive when it comes to the last piece of food on a shared plate.

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14. You sometimes get food guilt.

Though it’s usually temporary because then you realize you’re hungry again and that food is the only thing that will truly love you forever and never judge.

15. Your eyes are usually bigger than your stomach because you’re just so freakin hungry.

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16. Anything that gets in your way of eating causes frustration.

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17. And sometimes anxiety.

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18. It’s irritating when someone feels the need to point out “conventional” meal times to you.

It’s been an entire hour since I’ve eaten a full meal and I don’t care if “lunch time” isn’t for another three hours, okay?

19. You can’t contain yourself when you get to eat after what feels like hours of being hungry.

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20. You are extremely protective of your food.

21. Anger ensues when your meal is finished.

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22. You sometimes worry about gaining weight.

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23. But then you forget about caring because you’re hungry.

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24. Food is your first, and let’s be honest, only true love.

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Food is your everything.

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