18 Foods With Unexpected Origins

Think you know where your food comes from? Probably not. Here’s 18 foods with unexpected origins, as discovered by flavour experts Glorious Foods.

1. Butterscotch

Butterscotch originated in God’s own county of Yorkshire, England.

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2. Canadian Bacon

Obvious, right? Nope. Canadian bacon was first eaten in the UK.

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3. Cheesecake

Think this classic originated in New York? It was the Ancient Greeks that first created cheesecake!

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4. Chilli Con Carne

Despite its Mexican flavour, chilli con carne was invented in the US of A.

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5. Danish Pastries

The first Danish pastries were eaten in Austria - its Danish name, wienerbrød, translates to ‘Viennese Bread’.

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6. English Muffin

Contrary to its name, sources say that the English muffin was first used as a vessel for butter in both Germany and the USA.

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7. Fajitas

Texas can take credit for creating the fantastic fajita.

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8. Fish and Chips

Think the humble fish supper is a British classic? Think again - fish and chips has origins in Belgium, France, Portugal and Spain!

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9. Fortune Cookie

Despite receiving a fortune cookie after a meal at most Chinese restaurants, the fortune cookie originates from Japan and the USA.

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10. French Fries

Whether you call them chips, fries or pommes frites, there’s no disputing where these came from; French fries were first eaten - with mayonnaise - in Belgium.

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11. Haggis

Despite being Scotland’s most famous dish, haggis was first eaten in England.

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12. Hot Chocolate

Despite it being hotter than hot south of the border, it’s the Mexicans that we can thank for creating delicious hot chocolate.

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13. Kiwi Fruit

Although they share a name with the bird from New Zealand, kiwi fruit originates from China (they’re also known as Chinese gooseberries).

ID: 1405459

14. Noodle Chop Suey

You might find it in most Chinese restaurants, but noodle chop suey was first created in the USA.

ID: 1405485

15. Pasta

Pasta must be Italian, right? Wrong - pasta was first created in China!

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16. Scotch Egg

They might be a British picnic classic, but the scotch egg has evolved from an Indian dish - nargis kebab.

ID: 1405533

17. Vindaloo

Although it’s a staple on most Indian restaurant menus, the vindaloo originated in Portugal.

ID: 1405554

18. Worcestershire Sauce

Despite its deceptive name, Worcestershire sauce actually originated in Bengal!

Want to test your exotic foodie knowledge? Visit the Glorious! Foods Gastrography Quiz!

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