9 Reasons To Be Eternally Grateful For Martha Stewart’s New Instagram Account

The supreme DIY goddess of us all just announced that she has a personal Instagram. Let the dubious food pics commence.

The first picture on the account was actually posted last August, so it is an extra treat that she’s sharing with the world now. So far, she only has about 300 followers, but that is a travesty and we should all seek to rectify it.

(Also: Imagine being so famous that your handle can’t just be your name, BECAUSE IT IS ALSO THE NAME OF YOUR PERSONAL LIFESTYLE MAGAZINE, so you have to add ~ numbers ~.)

The few pictures that she’s already posted hint at truly great things to come.

1. These majestic fungi.

2. Her life-changingly fluffy dog, Genghis Khan.

3. This downright inexplicable picture of…her dashboard?

4. This super-minimalist latte art.

5. This uncaptioned, contextless picture of lab coat-wearing folks.

6. These lil’ muffs.

7. These luscious peonies.

8. (And of course, all the accompanying comments.)

Which are sure to get more insane the more followers she gets. BECOME ONE OF THEM.

Thumbnail image from this unmissable gem.

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