30 Inspiring Posters To Jazz Up Any Classroom

They’re an inexpensive and easy way to make boring standard-issue walls way more inviting, and would also make awesome gifts for a teacher.

1. Display the classroom rules.

Custom poster available here.

2. Remind students that everyone learns differently.

Get it here.

4. Show off the alphabet with SPACE.

Available here.

5. Or DOGS.

Get it here.


Buy it here.

7. Let Dr. Seuss do the talking.

Buy it here.

10. Or Uncle Sam.

11. Or Fleetwood Mac.

Ugh please just listen to this right now, you’ll feel phenomenal. Available here.

12. Display important reminders.

Available here.


Just because it’s vintage doesn’t mean it isn’t true.


Easier said than done.


Get the free printable here.

20. (Teachers like reminders too.)

Get it here.

21. Try an alternative to posters (whether because of a lack of wall space or because you live on the edge) with these simple yet inspiring blocks.

Get it here.

24. Give reading some love.

Get it here.

27. Also Star Wars.

Available here.

28. It’s never too early to learn that states have flags too.

Kindergarten minds BLOWN.

29. If you’re into making one yourself, you can always invest in a signage kit.

It’s filled with hall passes, calendars, and basically anything else you’d possibly need to display in a classroom.

30. Or just make a simple, heartfelt sign.

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