24 Insanely Clever Gifts For Book Lovers

There’s basically no chance that you’re not keeping these for yourself.

1. Handy Bookmark

For the meticulous type who wants to mark exactly which line they left off reading.

ID: 2082252

2. Clip-On Reading Light

For the night-owls-cum-four-eyeses.

ID: 2080984

3. Floating Bookshelves

For fans of WITCHCRAFT.

ID: 2080945

4. Book-Style Tissue Box

For those moments that are just too moving.

ID: 2081116

5. Transparent Book Weight

For pages that demand to be kept flat (especially during times of food and/or booze consumption).

ID: 2082370

6. Talkative Bookmarks

For the person who needs help distinguishing between the teetering pile of books on their bedside table.

ID: 2080573

7. Macbook Book-Case

For cushioning the blow.

ID: 2081185

8. Book-Shaped Light

For illuminating ideas.

ID: 2081311

9. Fishbowl Bookends

For high-minded sea critters.

ID: 2081335

10. Penguin Classic-Inspired Matchboxes

For the slightly pretentious yet endearingly immature.

ID: 2081498

11. Thumb Ring Page Holder

For the lying-downers and the one-handers.

ID: 2083288

12. Book-Scented Perfume

For anyone looking to seduce the noses of the world.

ID: 2081519

13. Book-Scented Candle

For the person who wants their house to do the seducing for them.

ID: 2082442

14. Leg Bookmarks

For a reader with a twisted sense of humor.

ID: 2082219

15. Bloody Bookmark

No, wait, this one.

ID: 2082282

16. Bed Prism Glasses

For the deeply, deeply lazy.

ID: 2084260

17. Page-Wrapped Pencils

For the daydreamers who need a quick hit at work or school or wherever they happen to be (many titles available).

ID: 2082319

18. Bedtime Story Duvet Cover

And for the one who prefers them in bed.

ID: 2083264

19. “Your/You’re” Teacups and Saucers

For the die-hard grammarian.

ID: 2082417

20. Inverted Bookshelf

For the gravity-defier. Directions here.

ID: 2083839

21. Personal Library Kit

For the lender.

ID: 2083657

22. Personalized Library Embosser

And for the lender who wants to leave a mark.

ID: 2083781

23. Book Tent

For the adventurer.

ID: 2083757

24. Automatic Reading Light

For anyone who wants their lamp to switch off when they place their book on top (i.e. everybody).

ID: 2083998

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