How Pinterest Users Are Preparing For The Impending Apocalypse

The world is supposedly ending on Dec. 21. Are you as ready as these pinners?

1. There are a ton of “End of the World” boards.

OK, so technically that last one is a wedding board, because if there’s one thing Pinterest likes more than collecting tips to circumvent imminent disaster, it’s weddings.

ID: 752538

2. There are a bunch of “Apocalypse” boards too.

Think you have enough recycled bottles to last through nuclear winter? Think again, fool.

ID: 756166

3. And, naturally, “Zombie Apocalypse.”

ID: 756506

4. They suggest stocking up on zombie-destroying axes and DEHYDRAT[ING] EGGS.

Bonus: instructions for a DIY wind turbine.

ID: 752488

5. Preserves and weaving stations are a must.

ID: 756336

6. It’s good to know how to build an outhouse.

ID: 752529

7. DIY your own dental work.

ID: 756284

8. Store your parachute cords efficiently and sustainably.

ID: 756292

9. Emergency nonperishables should be displayed in charming artisanal wooden spoons.

ID: 756380

10. Call birds in style.

Eating them is optional.

ID: 756408

11. It wouldn’t be Pinterest without infinite uses for Mason jars. They make great candles:

ID: 756416

12. Match holders:

ID: 756458

13. And stoves:

Probably the cutest emergency stove of all time.

ID: 756501

14. There are useful hacks for everyday life.

ID: 756504

16. And tips that are slightly more specific.

ID: 756511

18. Don’t forget about your four-legged friends.

ID: 756326

19. Of course, if all else fails, pinners are always ready to throw a party.

If we’re all going down, we may as well do it with pom-pom garlands and handmade bird masks.

ID: 756214

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