21 Perfect Halloween Costumes For Introverts

Please don’t ask me what I’m supposed to be.

1. Silent Film Star

Not speaking is basically the entire costume.

ID: 1802846

2. No Face

Trail the people you love at a distance before melting away into the shadows. Or, you know, don’t.

ID: 1803132

3. Silent Bob

Get a more outgoing friend to be Jay.

ID: 1802841

4. Shy Ronnie

All you need is a sweater, glasses, a microphone, and again, a far more effusive friend to be Rihanna.

ID: 1802900

5. Full-Coverage Dinosaur

Conceal your face from the world.

ID: 1803044

6. This.

It’s all over the internet so it may as well be all over you.

ID: 1804443

7. Shyguy

You don’t have to mess with Mario and Luigi unless you really want to.

ID: 1802954

9. Hodor

All you need to say all night is, of course, “Hodor.”

ID: 1805084

10. Pikachu

This, too, only requires the endless repetition of a single word.

ID: 1805124

11. Hamster in a Ball

Sweet, sweet isolation.

ID: 1804501

12. Emily Dickinson


Homegirl hardly ever left her house.

ID: 1805157

13. Minecraft Steve

Nobody will know what you’re up to under there.

ID: 1803423

14. Moaning Myrtle

With that toilet seat around your neck, nobody is going near you.

ID: 1804855


If someone tries to talk to you, simply transport yourself to another time and place.

ID: 1804650

16. Stick Figure

For added people repellant, draw a frowny face instead.

ID: 1804693

17. Charlie Brown

Channel your innermost angst.

ID: 1804709

18. Holden Caulfield

See above.

ID: 1804723

19. Cat Burglar Cat

If it all gets to be too much, just steal away hahahahahhaa sorry.

ID: 1804955

20. Frank

Equal parts creepy and cozy (OK maybe heavier on the creepy).

ID: 1805068

21. The U.S. Government

RSVP to plenty of parties, and then just don’t show up!!! The world will speak of your brilliance for years to come.

ID: 1802863

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