Bethenny Frankel Uses Photo Op With Koala For Press

His name is Blinky Bill and he has surely never seen an episode of “Real Housewives” or consumed a Skinnygirl anything.

1. Blinky Bill was apprehensive at first.

Lisa Maree Williams / Getty Images

Perhaps he was afraid Bethenny was going to make him try her new line of Skinnygirl products. Bethenny was visiting Sydney to surf and promote her Skinnygirl cocktail line, and she stopped by the WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo.

2. He didn’t want to have his back scratched…

Lisa Maree Williams / Getty Images

3. Didn’t want to exchange secrets…

Lisa Maree Williams / Getty Images

“Seriously, B, I don’t give a full-fat bowl of koala food about what LuAnn Snapchatted you last week.”

4. Didn’t want to accept any kisses…

Lisa Maree Williams / Getty Images

5. But then he looked into her eyes and saw that they were kindred spirits.

Lisa Maree Williams / Getty Images

“We’re both just two creatures trying to make it in this zoo they call life.”

6. Now they’re inseparable.

Lisa Maree Williams / Getty Images

At least until Bethenny leaves Sydney.

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