An Ode To Christmas Pinterest Fails

For when holiday crafting goes right off the rails.

1. “It’s the week before Christmas!” the Pinner lamented. “And yet all my crafts look completely demented!

ID: 2119972

2. My cards are a nightmare — the baby kept bawling.

ID: 2120073

3. And screaming like Santa were something appalling.

ID: 2127314

4. The cookies…well, let’s just say Martha would shiver.

ID: 2119977

5. They’re unsightly blobs, tasting vaguely of liver.

ID: 2120128

6. The gingerbread house sadly failed to inspire.

ID: 2127471

7. The tree stood so tall! (Until it caught fire.)

ID: 2127440

8. My Christmas lights, hung with the greatest of care.

ID: 2127273

9. (Just kidding, they’re hopeless; the neighbors all stare.)

ID: 2120121

10. Decorations once meant to bring smiles and glee will result in late-childhood PTSD.

ID: 2121672

11. The pets, too, a teeny bit less than ecstatic.

ID: 2127739

12. The children left notes that were downright traumatic.

ID: 2121737

13. Between shopping and wrapping…

ID: 2127199

14. Laying gifts out just so…

ID: 2127706

15. We’ve hardly had time to frolic with snow.

ID: 2127790

16. Because really what matters is family! And cheer!

ID: 2127994

17. And as for that sweater?

ID: 2127999

18. There’s always next year.”

ID: 2128006

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