7 Photos Of Marion Cotillard At A Harvard Drag Show

She was named Woman of the Year by Harvard’s Hasty Pudding Theatricals, an all-male group that puts on cross-dressing musicals.

1. She showed off her musical chops.

Jessica Rinaldi / Reuters
ID: 851869

2. And her artistic skills.

Jessica Rinaldi / Reuters
ID: 851867

3. She played dead.

Jessica Rinaldi / Reuters
ID: 851864

4. She tried to stay warm.

Jessica Rinaldi / Reuters

By cuddling up with cast Vice President Ben Moss.

ID: 851865

5. She waved to her public.

Steven Senne / AP
ID: 851870

6. She told secrets.

Jessica Rinaldi / Reuters
ID: 851871

7. And she duck-faced with her trophy.

Jessica Rinaldi / Reuters

Even the French do it from time to time.

ID: 851866

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