20 Tattoos Inspired By Crafting

If you REALLY love making things, make like these people and inscribe crafting imagery permanently on your skin.

1. Knitting Mittens Tattoo

ID: 846969

2. “Happy Hooker” Tattoo

Don’t worry, it’s a crochet term.

ID: 846785

3. Sewing Machine Tattoo

ID: 847181

4. Needlepoint Tattoo

ID: 847048

5. “Knit Purl” Knuckle Tats

Read the sweet story behind these here.

ID: 846689

6. Yarn Heart Tattoo

ID: 846953

7. Mason Jar Vase Tattoo

Remember: Mason jars can become anything.

ID: 836654

9. Knitted Heart Tattoo

By Dovetail Tattoo

ID: 846649

10. “Make & Bake” Tattoo

ID: 846780

11. Patching Tattoo

ID: 836679

12. “Knitting Nerd” Tattoo

ID: 846949

13. Mason Jar Tattoo

ID: 836616

14. Knitting Cat Tattoo

This crafter is knitting an arm-warmer/ tattoo cover. Meta.

ID: 846951

15. Paintbrush Tattoo

ID: 846985

16. Sewing Scissors Tattoo

ID: 846963

17. “Hook Fast, Die Warm” Tattoo

ID: 846955

18. Craft Anarchy Tattoo

For the hardcore crafter.

ID: 847195

19. Not up for such a long-term commitment? These temporary tattoos are inexpensive and wash right off.

Buy a set of 7 here.

ID: 846570

20. The seller also makes nail decals, for the subtlest possible display of craft-love.

Buy them here unless I have already bought them all first, sorry.

ID: 846612

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