16 Teepees That Look Really Lonely

They are so sad and yet so twee. Tweepees.

1. “Take your time, I won’t start without you!”

ID: 697851

2. “Gosh, it sure is cold out here. Is that bears?”

ID: 697880

3. “She hasn’t wanted to make love in months.”

ID: 697888

4. “I’m almost at 10 followers.”

ID: 698717

5. “It’s funny how life can pass you by before you really even notice.”

ID: 697886

6. “Look, I made you this! You don’t have to like it or anything.”

ID: 698723

7. “What should I do today? Solitaire? Yeah.”

ID: 698735

8. “I hope someone likes my new dress.”

ID: 698787

9. “Love used to live here.”

ID: 697889

10. “I would do literally anything for a hug.”

ID: 698813

11. “Martha <3”

ID: 698804

12. “A giraffe appliqué is a poor substitute for the touch of another.”

ID: 698851

13. “Don’t look at me.”

ID: 698751

14. “It’s fine; it sounded like a dumb party anyway.”

ID: 698770

15. “11:11, make a wish.”

ID: 698768

16. “Hooray! I made some friends!”

“Or else I’m eating them. Unclear.”

ID: 697850

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