10 Bizarre Pieces Of "Girls" Fan Art

There’s no creepier way to show how excited you are for Season Two than by wearing Zosia Mamet’s face as a ring.

1. GIRLS Plastic Rings

They’re a bargain at only $8 a pop.

ID: 782967

Poor Shoshanna.


ID: 795900

2. Girls/ Charlie Brown Christmas Card

I can’t even begin to understand this, but I have an inkling that it’s mind-bogglingly brilliant.

ID: 795906

3. Bushwick Loft Party Drawing

This is bizarre in a totally awesome way. And again, poor Shoshanna.

ID: 795920

4. Lena Dunham Pop Art Print

Get yours here.

ID: 795907

5. Earrings

Buy them here.

ID: 795904

6. Lena Dunham Pin

Available here.

ID: 795914

7. “We’re The Ladies” Print

We are. Buy it here.

ID: 795908

8. “Crack Spirit Guide” Print

If displays of pantsless sprinting are more your thing. Buy it here.

ID: 795952

9. Jessa Drawing

The blasé face is spot-on.

ID: 795938

10. Lena Dunham Spray-Painted Record

Get yours here.

ID: 795909

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