20 Reasons We Miss “Flight Of The Conchords”

They’ve been off our screens for four years now. Here’s a reminder of why they should come back.

1. They wondered how David Bowie would cope in space.



ID: 1679532

2. They alerted us to this common problem.

ID: 1679517

3. They were open about their feelings, and why they were hurt.

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4. They appreciated the finer things in life.

ID: 1679219

5. They never had much luck in love.

ID: 1679216

6. Probably because their chat-up lines were incredibly realistic.

ID: 1679202

7. They showed how unexpectedly difficult it was to dress as Daft Punk.

ID: 1679325

8. Jemaine’s commitment to a dance move.

ID: 1679403

9. Mel as the No. 1 fan. Or stalker. Or both.



ID: 1679192

10. Murray, as the manager nobody should ever have.

ID: 1679206

11. They were anti-sexism.


ID: 1679653

12. Seriously.

ID: 1679326

13. They taught us to be wary of Australians.

ID: 1679576

14. They made ‘Zou Bisou Bisou’ before Mad Men.

ID: 1679207

15. And they anthropomorphized rapping animals.

ID: 1679215

16. And, of course, they created the best charity single ever.

ID: 1679323

17. They had the original bromance.

ID: 1679293

18. One-half of them is an Oscar winner.

ID: 1679640

19. And Kermit approves.

ID: 1679705

20. So come on, guys. Do another series. And make it business time…again.

ID: 1686744

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Ailbhe Malone is the UK lifestyle editor for BuzzFeed and is based in London.
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