39 Signs You Grew Up In The ’90s

From Britpop to Billie Piper, the ’90s were awesome.

1. TFI Friday was as wild as your weekend got

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2. Art Attack made you think that anything was possible when you had PVA glue and stickyback plastic

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3. And it blew your mind when they zoomed out on the big collage

ID: 972232

4. You would do basically anything to get a Blue Peter badge

ID: 972237

5. You totally had a system for sorting the silver paper from the gold in The Crystal Maze

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6. All they wanted to do was cross the road!

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7. You longed to put your teacher on Get Your Own Back

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8. Saturday mornings meant Chums and Pokemon on SM:tv Live

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9. You agonised over whether to be Ryu or Ken

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10. The only rap you knew was the Bartman

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11. You remember when Billie Piper was a pop star

ID: 972234

12. 911?

ID: 972229

16. Kellogg’s provided all you needed to pimp your ride

ID: 972244

17. Frubes! Rip their heads off and suck their guts out!

ID: 972252

18. You knew some squash was too orangey for crows

ID: 972452

19. You were confused when Opal Fruits became Starburst

ID: 972274

20. Fruitini in your lunch box was the best. As long as it wasn’t the custard version

ID: 972259

21. You didn’t feel organized until you had put it in your Fun Fax

ID: 972260

22. You were a little bit scared of Shakespears Sister

ID: 972473

23. You were convinced you could speak Furbish

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25. You practiced drawing the Nike logo over and over

ID: 972263

26. Opal Fruits and Skittle yo-yos were playground currency

ID: 972268

27. You fought over who got to be the Red Ranger with your friends

ID: 972275

28. You could play the theme tune to Rugrats on the piano

ID: 972276

29. You knew the dance routine to “The Macarena”

ID: 972779

30. And to “Saturday Night”

ID: 972783

31. You wore snapper tracksuit bottoms, despite knowing that someone would rip them open

ID: 972289

32. You worried your Tamagotchi would get separation anxiety when you were at school

ID: 972295

33. You debated with your friends how Rose could have saved Jack

ID: 972296

34. You could recite the intro to “Never Ever” by heart

ID: 975853

35. Bullet Bill was your nemesis

ID: 975878

36. You couldn’t wait for Trans World Sport to be over so you could watch The Raccoons

ID: 975867

37. Your ambition in life was to win a GamesMaster Golden Joystick

ID: 975875

38. The theme tune to Round The Twist is lodged in your brain to this very day

ID: 975868

39. You dreamed of getting gunged on Live & Kicking

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Ailbhe Malone is the UK lifestyle editor for BuzzFeed and is based in London.
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