18 Agonizing Moments Of Having A Crush

No, they still don’t like you back.

1. When you go a few days without talking to them because they didn’t text you first and you didn’t want to initiate the conversation

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2. When you actually do text them to start a conversation and they take hours to respond

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3. And when they finally do respond they give one word answers

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4. When you’re just dying for them to give you a damn compliment

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5. When your friends don’t understand your infatuation with your crush

Just “get over him?” Really?!

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6. When your crush says they’re too busy to hang out but then you see pictures of them on facebook at a bar

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7. When you finally have plans to hang out with them and they cancel last minute

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8. When you realize they only flirt with you after they’ve had a few drinks

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9. When your crush tells you how hot they think someone is

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10. When someone says your crush is hot

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11. When you see your crush flirting with someone else

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12. It’s even worse if they’re actually in a relationship with someone else

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13. When you overanalyze everything they say and then make ridiculous assumptions

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14. When you’re just about to give up on them but they say something cute and pull you back in

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15. But then they ignore you again 3 days later

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16. When they call you a “good friend”

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17. When you misinterpret the moment and make an unwelcome advance

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18. When they turn you down but say they still want to be friends

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Just remember the best way to get over someone is to get under someone else

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