Brian’s Favorite Buzz Of 2011

I watched all of these videos about 47 times each. So that’s, like, 517 YouTube views that helped make my 2011 all it could be. New Year’s resolution: Leave the apartment more often.

1. The Streets Are Empty And The Bars Are Full

ID: 65629

2. Sassy Diva Gets Traffic Ticket

ID: 65571

3. Next Star Wars

ID: 65574

4. Henry’s Anytime Chili For One

ID: 65579

5. Howard Stern Vs. Sarah Palin

ID: 65570

6. Jokes That Didn’t Get Gilbert Gottfried Fired From AFLAC

ID: 65572

7. Rebecca Black - Friday (Voice Dub)

ID: 65575

8. Cain/Schwarzenegger 2012

ID: 65576

9. Billy Connolly: “F*ck Off”

ID: 65577

10. Coach Ballgame

ID: 65580

11. Grandpa Left A Video Will

ID: 65584

12. BONUS: The Time Insane Clown Posse Tweeted At Me Because They Thought I Was Bryan Abrams From Color Me Badd

ID: 65608

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