19 Ways To Get Through “Game Of Thrones” Withdrawal

Winter is coming, and that means one thing: No GoT.

1. Go here for some amazing GoT-inspired recipes.

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2. Decorate your home with GoT decor.

Purchase here!

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3. Learn to speak Dothraki.

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4. Or High Valyrian!

HBO / Via giphy.com
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5. Read the books if you haven’t already. It’s a commitment, but well worth it.

There’s so much more to learn.

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6. Hang a map of Westeros and Essos on your wall. The story will make more sense, plus it’s easy to just stare at it for hours. Available here.

HBO Store / Via store.hbo.com

If you don’t want to redecorate, here’s an online interactive map.

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7. Rewatch Season 1.

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8. Rewatch Season 2.

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9. Rewatch Season 3.

HBO / Via ign.com
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10. Well, you get the point.

HBO / Via giphy.com
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12. Then, just go buy some regular wine to tide you over for the next couple of months.

HBO / Via gifatron.com
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13. While we’re on the topic, did you know that a GoT drinking game exists? Well, it does.

HBO / Via giphy.com
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14. Stalk Maisie Williams on Vine and Instagram.

HBO / Via fanpop.com
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15. This countdown is a thing.

Just in case you need to know.

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16. For those of you who miss Hodor…your place is here.

HBO / Via giphy.com
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17. Visit YouTube for GoT-inspired hair and makeup tutorials.

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18. Follow Tyrion on Twitter to recapture his sarcasm and cleverness.

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19. Or, just buy this, which was compiled especially for devout Tyrion fans.

Random House Publishing Group / Via nerdalicious.com.au
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So, be strong super fans. We will all make it through together.

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