You Absolutely Have To Watch This Heroic Bear Save A Drowning Crow

Humans, we could learn a thing or 10 from this.

1. This amazing video was shot at a zoo in Budapest, Hungary, on June 19 and shows one of the most surprising animal rescues ever.

ID: 3514201

2. At first the bear seems apathetic to the flailing, squawking crow in the water.

ID: 3514409

3. Pretty soon, though, he starts to check out the situation.

ID: 3514421

4. He suddenly gets his paws in there to help the crow!

ID: 3514447

5. He pulls the crow out by the wing and drags him to safety.

ID: 3514467

6. Then he’s all like, “OK where are my carrots?” OMG is he a vegetarian?

ID: 3514474

7. The crow is kinda lying there in shock like, WTF JUST HAPPENED, and then starts flailing around in utter disbelief.

ID: 3514481

8. Meanwhile, the bear is just casually eating carrots.

ID: 3514486

9. Crow still be like, “Um did a bear just save my ass?” blinking in shock. Nature FTW!

ID: 3514505

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