Watching This Beautiful Golden Retriever Eat Vegetables Is Oddly Satisfying

This dog eats her veggies and you should too. h/t Boing Boing!

1. Coco-chan is a wonderful Japanese Golden Retriever. Her human gives her random vegetables and she’s so polite when she eats them. Basically, she should be the next spokesperson for corn.

ID: 3224976

2. Just look at this corn form!

ID: 3225587

3. Now, Coco eating watermelon is the feel-good hit of the summer.

ID: 3224986

4. She also knows not to eat the rind. Impressive.

ID: 3225615

5. Finally, in this video, Coco isn’t simply given a vegetable to eat. Instead, she must find the food under the correct cup.

ID: 3224991

6. She remains very patient and confident during the game.

ID: 3225646

7. But doesn’t always guess right…

ID: 3225644

8. No matter what, though, she’s a winner.

ID: 3225645

9. Check out Coco’s channel for more delicious vids!

ID: 3225004

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