Here’s A Thing You’ve Never Seen: A K-Pop Group Twerking To Classical Music

Best video of the week. (h/t Adweek)

1. This video is an ad for B-Classic Music Festival, who aims to give Classical music some recognition. And they certainly do with this sensory mash-up. Get ready to listen to 3 minutes of “Symphony No. 9 Allegro con fuoco” and love every second of it.

ID: 2804419

2. Maybe we should start by examining all the locations and wardrobe. This look is classic.

ID: 2804537

3. And this one is pretty surreal!

ID: 2804542

4. This wide angle, though.

ID: 2804546

5. But the aquarium has got to be the best.

ID: 2804550

6. This one is very Tarantino.

ID: 2804556

7. But when they match cut each scene omg.

ID: 2804557

8. Twerk it out, ladies!

ID: 2804561

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