• Your Old Disney Toys Are Now Worth Bank

    Get Rich Like Ali Ababwa

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  • This Cat Was Rescued After An Hour Underwater In A Sunken Boat

    The cat, nicknamed River by animal shelter workers, was found inside a compartment after the boat was recovered from the waters of Lake Havasu, Arizona.

  • Here's Why Philippine Tarsiers Should Be Your Patronus

    Cute on the outside, tough on the inside.

  • Years & Years Solve Everyone's Music Festival Nightmares

    "Just for the record, if you’re a guy, you don’t need the Shewee.”

  • 59 Thoughts You Have At Dunkin' Donuts

    God, how long have I been in here?

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  • 24 Of The Worst Things You Can Say To A Writer, According To Twitter

    Because frankly, the best part about sitting down to write is cleaning your entire apartment.

  • An Open Letter To Adult Acne

    Not paying for postage, I already pay for acne cream.

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    Can You Identify This Band Full Of White Guys?

    Careful: hair gel and pensive fedoras ahead.

  • 24 Things You Want Your S.O. To Know

    You're the best thing that has ever happened to me.

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    Which Disney Villain Family Do You Belong To?

    The fairest parents of them all...kind of.

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    Looking for ways to feel your best? Then this newsletter is for you.

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    "Harry Potter" According To People Who've Never Read The Books

    No, Alohomora doesn't mean "hello" and "goodbye" in Hawaii.

  • 21 Thoughts On Being A Thirtysomething As Told By Tumblr

    "Realizing I am older than any of the characters on Friends."

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    How Did You Meet Your Significant Other?

    It's your favorite story, don't lie.

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  • Key & Peele Sketch Imagines A World Where Teachers Are Paid Like Athletes And It's Awesome

    The comedy duo eviscerate sports culture in support of the people who really deserve a signing bonus: public school teachers.

  • 27 Signs Eating Healthy Just Isn't For You

    You like your food where you can eat it.

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    Can You Guess The Age Gap Between These Actors And Their Characters?

    Turns out everyone in Hollywood isn't actually 17.

  • 19 Things You'll Only Understand If You Grew Up With "Harry Potter"

    Harry Potter is still going strong in our hearts. But OG superfans will probably remember these things specifically.

  • Here Are The World’s First Labeled Maps Of Pluto And Charon

    Before we reached Pluto, NASA's New Horizons team asked what they should call its then-undiscovered features. Now that they're exploring the dwarf planet, BuzzFeed Science can reveal where they want to put those names.

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  • 12 Series To Catch Up On Before The Next Book Comes Out

    Goodreads shares the most anticipated titles in thriller, fantasy, YA, and romance.

  • I Was A Midwestern Teenage Foodie

    "There was no internet, and there was no way of reliably knowing if there were other teenagers like us, out there every weekend, rabidly exploring international cuisine."

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  • 21 Prescriptions That Will Fix Everything That's Wrong With Your Life

    Because insurance should cover the cost of adding guacamole.

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