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    10 Steps To Becoming Addicted To BuzzFeed

    It's a slippery slope, folks.

    1. It starts out innocently enough — a friend of a friend posts a link on Facebook. You click on it out of curiosity.

    Why not?

    2. You immediately take a liking to it.

    Hey, this stuff is pretty good!

    3. You notice tons other intriguing links along the side of the page!

    Top 40 Dog GIFs?! Yes, please!

    4. One link leads to another, and after a few hours you have to call it a night.

    HAHA these dogs are soooo fun — IT'S 3 A.M.?!?! How does that happen??

    5. But you can't stop there. The next morning you are back on BuzzFeed checking the latest posts.

    They're so relatable! There are other crazy cat lovers out there? You have never felt more connected with humanity.

    6. You start sharing the best of the best on your friends' Facebook timelines nonstop.

    Thus beginning the addictive cycle for at least one of your buddies.

    7. People start telling you that they don't even have to visit BuzzFeed anymore, they just look at your Facebook posts.

    So you've got that going for you.

    8. After awhile you mostly just see posts you've seen before. Have you managed to go through all BuzzFeed's content?

    But perhaps you have a problem...

    9. As you're deciding to dial it back you notice a page called BuzzFeed Community...

    Maybe this is a place for fellow BuzzFeed addicts to gather together — you aren't alone!

    10. You learn that it's actually a portion of BuzzFeed where anyone can post content!

    WHAT?! This is the greatest thing ever! You have so many ideas!

    And with that you realize there's no going back. You're addicted.

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