Heartwarming Story Of The Week: Beastie Boys’ Mike D Feeds Sandy Victims With Free Food Truck

Founding Beastie Boys member gives back to his hometown in need.

After surveying the damage of Hurricane Sandy, legendary rapper Mike Diamond teamed up with restaurateur Robert McKinley and “Top Chef” finalist Sam Talbot to provide meals to those suffering months after the disaster.

GOOD - Mike D: Rob and I went out [to the Rockaways] very shortly after Sandy… We saw right away all these people living without any power, without any businesses being open, and therefore, no food. We saw the immediate need for warm food, but we didn’t have time to put together a long-term cohesive plan, we just had to react quickly.

Diamond and company dished out over 19,000 plates of chicken, beans, rice, and veggies to help Rockaway residents who are still living without power.

Mike D: …We’re in talks with a bunch of people to coordinate with the local community, because what we really want to do is transition. There’s still the need for warm food out there, but our real goal for this summer is to help revitalize the local economy. So we’re trying to switch the truck over from giving away food, to charging for food but having it become staffed, run and operated on every level by citizens of the Rockaways.

Once a New Yorker, always a New Yorker.

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