8 Photos Of Jaromir Jagr’s Flowtastic Hair

In honor of Jagr’s latest move to the Boston Bruins, here are some pictures of the hair that made him a legend.

1. Jagr on Draft Day in 1990

So young and full of talent

2. The Mullet that Never Quits

Even off-ice that haircut is intimidating

3. Fierce

No helmet could contain that beast

4. Forever an Eastern Conference All-Star

#1 hairstyle in the Eastern Conference

5. To the Victor Go the Spoils

#68 with one of his back to back Stanley Cups

6. With Age Comes Beauty

This head-of-hair has withstood the test of time

7. Czech This Out

Jagr playing with the Czech National Team

8. Looks Even Better on a Sports Card

The back of the card didn’t list which hair products he uses

Jagr, we salute you.

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