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    18 Places To Buy Stylish Modest Clothing In Australia

    Because conservative definitely doesn't have to mean boring.

    As a lover of modest fashion, I know the struggle well. The countless stores where everything feels too short or too tight, and the shopping trips that leave you feeling nothing but disheartened.

    This constant struggle is why I decided to start my own fashion destination, The Hijab Stylist, and begin designing my own pieces, the very first being the BB (boobs and butt) Cape, pictured here.

    Here are some other amazing places lovers of modest clothing can find amazing, stylish wardrobe items in Australia:

    1. Hijab House

    @hijab_house / Via

    Hijab House is the go-to for everyday modest fashion wear, with modest-fitting tapered and pleated pants, and a huge variety of scarves. Shop online and keep an eye out for their pop-up stalls around the country.

    2. Forever New

    3. Diana Kotb


    Diana Kotb really takes it to the next level. Not only is every single piece oozing with style and quality, it's all made in Australia. This five star quality does come at a price though, with items averaging $150 a pop.

    4. Integrity Boutique

    @integrityboutique / Via

    The ladies behind Integrity dropped these designs mid-2015 and left everyone with their jaws hanging wide open. If you're after modest formal wear that looks modern, this is the place to go. They're based in Sydney, but have some options available online.

    5. Suelle Boutique

    @suelleboutique / Via

    Suelle love jersey and stretch fabrics, making life easy and comfortable.

    6. Nasiba Fashion

    @nasibafashion / Via

    The famous "Wall of Hijabs" is a real thing and it exists at Nasiba Fashion, which is located in Coburg and Altona, Melbourne. Nasiba is famous for having a headscarf and cap in every colour under the sun, as well as great modest swimwear. If you're not in Melbourne, check out their basics online.

    7. Sorayya The Label

    8. Modelle Official

    @modelleofficial / Via

    These pants speak for themselves really. Modelle is a great option if you're looking for casual, chic pieces at affordable prices.

    9. It's Delina

    @deldaga / Via Instagram: @deldaga

    These skants (skirt-pants) will give you life. If you have a laid-back street style, you can't go past Delina for key wardrobe pieces that remain on point without compromising modesty.

    10. Dima G Label

    @dimag_label / Via Instagram: @dimag_label

    Dima G is basically the queen of draping. She drapes, folds, and tucks, with fabulous results. Her store is located in Melbourne's East Brunswick and caters for a ~mature~ audience. Everything is made by hand, including wedding dresses.

    11. Amalina Aman

    @amalina_aman / Via Instagram: @amalina_aman

    This season, Amalina Aman is all about earthy tones and natural prints. She always prioritises elegance and has a consistent bohemian and gypsy inspiration behind her designs. Check out her site to buy.

    12. Veil of Faith

    @veiloffaith / Via Instagram: @veiloffaith

    Veil of Faith have scarves in every colour, with items ranging within $30 and $80.

    13. Baraka Women

    @imbarakawomen / Via Instagram: @imbarakawomen

    This silk kaftan is the perfect example of how versatile Baraka's designs can be. Lace details and floral prints also appear online alongside their staple offering.

    14. Modesty Instyle

    In addition to casual wear, Modesy Instyle has some seriously amazing formal dresses. Drawing inspiration from the local fashion in Turkey, these dresses are a dream. You can try everything on and see the quality for yourself in Sydney and Melbourne stores.

    15. Dejcuba

    @decjubaofficial / Via Instagram: @decjubaofficial

    While this store does not specifically cater to modest fashion, you're always guaranteed to walk out having found at least one addition to your wardrobe that you can mix with other items to achieve a modest look. Dejcuba has some very unique pieces that give your wardrobe a break from the typical looks of each season.

    16. Witchery

    @witcheryfashion / Via Instagram: @witcheryfashion

    Each season Witchery have a few modest pieces and the quality of their designs mean they will be a staple piece in your wardrobe for years to come.

    17. Acacia Label

    Instagram: @acacialabel / Via Instagram: @acacialabel

    Long-sleeve formal gowns are a specialty for Acacia. They have multiple options that are all hand-crafted.

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