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    BRUT CUTE: Secret Japan In Skopje, Macedonia

    This is a photo project done by me, Zorica Petkoska, and Lilika Strezoska. Skopje, Macedonia and Tokyo, Japan are so far apart, they might easily be on different planets. Yet, they’ve been linked all this time. What links modernist architecture in Skopje to Japan is that the city master plan has been created by a the Japanese architect Kenzo Tange and his team after the devastating earthquake in Skopje in 1963. So what rekindles the link with Japan is the subcultures who are fans of Japanese pop-culture. The girls and guys in these photos are all J-fans sporting Harajuku street fashion and they did a Harajuku-event, organized by Olivera Mladenovska, under the Japanorama fan-gathering in Skopje . So there you have it, the ‘brut’ and the ‘cute’. A little bit of concrete and a little bit of color go a long way to build bridges.

    1. Harajuku team at UKIM university, Skopje

    2. Ganguro @ "City Wall"

    3. Kodona @ Post Office

    4. Fairy Kei @ UKIM

    5. Fairy Kei @ UKIM

    6. Shironuri @ Goce Delchev Dormitory

    7. Neo Street Fashion @ UKIM

    8. Mori Kei @ Museum of Modern Art Skopje

    9. Visual Kei + Host Kei @ Train Station Skopje

    10. Visual Kei + Host Kei

    11. Oshare Kei @ National Bank

    12. Goth Lolita @ Weather Center

    13. Ouji @ Weather Center

    14. Cult Party Kei @ Nikola Karev High School

    15. Ko-gal @ Nikola Karev High School

    16. Hime Lolita @ Zdravko Cvetkovski Dormitory

    17. Decora @ Zdravko Cvetkovski Dormitory

    18. Accidentally brut.