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Dead Man's Trigger Web Series - Episode 4

Don't miss Episode 4 of Dead Man's Trigger, a new, action-filled crime-thriller web TV show starring Hassan Johnson (HBO's The Wire), Rick Zahn (Law and Order: SVU) and Leila Sbitani (Entertainment News)

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Watch Episodes of New Crime Thriller Action Web Series "Dead Man's Trigger!"

Will Agents Patel (Hassan Johnson), Owens (Rick Zahn) and Thomas (Leila Sbitani) be able to beat the clock and save New York City from a diabolical bomb threat? Season 1 episode 4 "Where There's a Goon" finds Agents Patel and Owens arriving at the bomb site with 4:32 left on the timer and some unexpected guests camped out standing guard. Subscribe to ZoomTilt TV today to find out and catch new episodes of the original indie crime-drama series "Dead Man's Trigger" (#DMTwebseries) on YouTube!

World Premier First Look: "Dead Man's Trigger: Where There's a Goon" - Episode Four, Season One

Starring: Hassan Johnson, Rick Zahn, Khalil Gonzales-Garcia and Leila Sbitani

Executed Produced by: and Jason Hammond

Directed by: Juan Reinoso (WayFinder Films) (Official Show Fan Page)

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