15 Things You'll Only Relate To If You Were A Total Book Nerd In The 2010s

    You just had to be there.

    I don't know about you, but I miss ~real~ literature. And by ~real~ literature, I mean the Tumblr-Harry-Potter-John-Green-YA-dystopia era.

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    We had everything. Peace, prosperity, happiness, Peeta Mellark... It was a time to be alive.

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    So just for old times' sake, here are some throwbacks that we can all definitely relate to:

    1. Basically growing up in the young adult section of Barnes and Noble.

    2. Casually scrolling through your photos only to see nothing but these:

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    "If you haven't read the book, you haven't felt the pain."

    3. Thinking that the Lotus Hotel and Casino scene in Percy Jackson was the peak of cinema.

    4. Experiencing the unparalleled joy of unwrapping a boxed set.

    5. Spending hours taking quizzes to see which house, faction, district, and cabin you belong in.

    6. Painstakingly saving money to blow it all on “Okay? Okay” merch from The Fault in Our Stars.


    We all made Augustus's cigarette metaphor our entire personality, TBH.

    7. Going through a Katniss Everdeen-inspired outdoorsy phase.

    8. Eating up the clichéd "teenage girl saves the world while two guys orbit around her" plotline...

    9. ...while being completely engrossed by the ~extremely well-written~ dialogue.

    10. Having a Divergent-themed phone lock screen.


    The way Tobias Eaton had us all in a chokehold...

    11. Trying to piece together what happens to Jem based on Cassandra Clare’s cryptic snippets.

    12. Learning how to HTML code an entire Tumblr blog just to make dramatic Harry Potter edits.


    13. Feeling emotionally gutted after accidentally seeing "Status: Deceased" under your favorite character on Fandom Wiki.

    14. Getting into heated arguments with internet strangers over Team Edward versus Team Jacob.

    15. And finally, attempting to write at least one dystopian novel of your own.

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