21 Tweets That Are 100% Relatable And 200% A Personal Attack

    "It's Friday night. All my friends are out drinking and I'm at watching Moana."


    bitches have a full closet and wear the same clothes every week. its me. i’m bitches. bitch.


    u only get about 176 chances with me. i don’t tolerate much


    you: you owe it to yourself be happy me, visibly agitated, gritting teeth: I don’t owe that bitch anything.


    i be at parties wit no data standin in the corner looking at my settings screen like damn this shit go crazy


    My drunk ass lookin at the McDonalds menu at 3:32am


    “you gotta let people stop walking all over you” https://t.co/py9Xmy07hW


    person: *says something really sweet* me: *reads it over and over for a month*


    there’s so many ppl i wanna be friends with but i’m constantly terrified of what ppl think of me so instead of attempting to make friendships i just silently hope that they’ll reach out to me first. fun!


    The girl in my 3rd grade class that told everyone she was part horse and ate grass at recess is engaged and I have been ghosted 4 times in the last month. Much to think about


    I can relate to blenders because I also scream while I'm doing my job.


    Them: When ima see you Me: By accident


    me: *notices that I'm being judgmental* me to me: I did not raise you this way


    cold case files: and he left his bloody fingerprint on the door knob me laying in bed eating chips and salsa: what a fuckin idiot



    me: ugly ass me 3 minutes ago: why am i so cute??


    me leaving my room for the first time to have my very first meal of the day at 6pm


    my body: please..... some vegetables me: hot cheetos.... pero con limón because my body is a temple 😌✨


    Bitches do their makeup just to have a photo shoot in their room and not even go out, it’s me I’m bitches.


    My biggest flaw as a girl is not being able to french braid my own hair... it’s really a setback in life


    one direction: i cant be no superman but for you i'll be superhuman 13 year old me:


    it’s friday night. my friends are all out drinking and i’m at home watching moana

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