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Why Natalie Stovall And The Drive Rock

This leading lady and her bangin' band are not your average country group. These guys totally rock— and here are 5 reasons why.

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They Bring It

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Their debut single, "Baby Come On With It" brings a fresh new energy to the country music scene. "I think we are a product of our live show. We have spent so much time on stage together that it's hard not to replicate what you do on stage. For us, that's having a good time and playing fun and uptempo, rock and roll-driven country music," says Stovall.

Natalie (and Her Hair) Are Larger Than Life

You cannot miss this badass babe when she's onstage. Her voice is explosive and infectious. Plus, that awesomely teased signature blonde mane is a must-see at every performance.

They're the Real Deal

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Natalie met James, the band's drummer, in college. They then put an ad on Craigslist and found guitar player, Miguel. A mutual friend suggested Bassist, Zach, who then introduced them to his friend Joel. "When we were all in the room, there was something very different that started to happen. We just kind of had a thing, and I knew it was the real deal."

They'll Rock Your Face Off

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"We're not a band that is going to get up there and play a whole lot of ballads – that's just not us. We will have a few strong ballads in there, but most of the time, we're going to try to rock each others' faces," says Stovall. Consider your face rocked.

Hear More From Natalie and the Band!

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