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    Top 5 Dancing-In-School Movie Moments

    Spontaneous dancing in movies is always great, but when the dancing outbursts occur in school hallways it's even better. Here are our five favorite dancing-in-school movie scenes.


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    Who needs the commotion of cafeteria food fights when you've got wild impromptu performances? At the New York Performing Arts High School in this seminal '80s dance flick, breaking out (and breaking down) in song and dance might as well be a rite of passage.

    She's All That

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    Before flash mobs were performed on the reg, She's All That brought choreographed group dances into the high school gymnasium. And we don't mean line dancing. This dance scene is so over the top, it's gotta be Hollywood!


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    Everybody's got, everybody's got ... to love Footloose! We love kicking off our Sunday shoes to watch this one. Leave it to Kevin Bacon to prove there's nothing wrong with cutting a little rug!

    High School Musical

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    Sure, we'll admit it. We may have stayed up all night learning those awesome dances from High School Musical. The movie was so popular it helped make musicals cool again and introduced the world to Zac Efron. Need we say more?


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    Grease is a classic. Who wouldn't wanna be dancing on top of a lunch table headbopping along with swooning Sandy as she talks about dreamboat Johnny? Tell me more, indeed! We never had the joy of cartwheels and hand jives at the school dance, nor have we experienced flying off in a red convertible with our greaser bf, but there's still hope!

    Can't get enough breakdancing in hallways?