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    Brad Paisley's 6 Funniest Music Videos

    Brad Paisley doesn't just write and sing excellent music, he also creates entertaining videos to go with some of our favorite tunes. We love these laugh-out-loud-worthy tales that let his jokester personality shine.

    "I'm Gonna Miss Her"

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    Fishing or your girlfriend? Naturally, Brad's decision did not make his girlfriend—played by his real-life sweetheart Kimberly—very happy. Scenes interchanged from Brad fishing with his buddies in a bass competition with commentary from Dan Patrick and an all-out brawl of couples arguing about fishing on the set of Jerry Springer. Keep your eyes peeled for an added bonus: Little Jimmy Dickens makes his first of many cameos in Brad's music videos.


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    This one is chock-full of real celebrities: Little Jimmy Dickens, William Shatner, Jason Alexander, Jim Belushi, and even the original Bachelorette Trista Rehn make appearances. Brad spoofs popular reality shows like Fear Factor, The Bachelorette, and American Idol. Little did Brad realize that years later he would be starring on a reality singing competition as an expert.


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    Brad takes viewers through some of the humorous and embarrassing side effects of the adult beverages in this hilarious vid. Once again, Little Jimmy Dickens makes a special appearance that will make you chuckle.


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    A-listers William Shatner and Jason Alexander star in this riotous vid that captures the true meaning of being "catfished" with a wild tale about a geeky adult living with his parents and pretending to be a much better looking man (who just happens to resemble Brad) while searching online for love. Taylor Swift, Kellie Pickler, Shane West, Estelle Harris, Maureen McCormick, and Patrick Warburton make additional cameos.


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    Brad gets wet and wacky in this one, which features Brad and his band playing their instruments submerged in a pool and goofing off, alongside clips of laughable water wipeouts. There are even a few that include Brad!

    "River Bank"

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    Besides the splashing and water-tubing, the best part of the "River Bank" music video is the celebrity appearance from Twiggy the Water-Skiing Squirrel. The friendly rodent can do all sorts of tricks on his miniature water skis!

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