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7 Nuggets Of Wisdom From Eric Paslay And His Awesome Beard

He's one of country's rising stars and his boot-tapping music, including his hit song "Friday Night," isn't the only thing we love about the hirsute singer! We love Eric Paslay's signature beard, which makes him stand out, onstage and off. Here are 7 wise things the bewhiskered artist has whispered.

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On Honesty

"I just try to put out genuine, fun music. It might be a song that's just fun, but it might be a song telling people that you really love them. I shoot for being honest and genuine with people because I think that helps you stick around."

On Friday Nights

"A Friday night can be all kinds of stuff. Typically you think going downtown in the neon light and hangin' out. A Friday night is also just sittin' on the dock waiting for something to bite. That's the thing about Friday night- it can be whatever you love, whatever you want it to be. It's that feeling you get. You're off work, you got paid, and you're pickin' up your honey. Ain't nothin' better than that."

On the Music Business

“This business can break your heart every day if you let it. Songs don’t always get heard just because they’re the best. That’s hard when you’re writing great songs and putting your soul into it. I didn’t have a record deal yet when we wrote ‘Even If It Breaks Your Heart.’ I hadn’t had a song recorded by anybody yet. It was that thought, ‘Don’t give up on the dream, even if it breaks your heart.’ It’s good to sing that song and remind yourself why you’re doing it."

On Perseverance

“My goal is always to write a great song. I’ve learned that a hit is not a hit unless people hear it. If you stop swinging the bat, you can’t hit a home run. Sometimes you hit a home run and people don’t see, and that’s alright. You just have to keep getting back up to the plate."

On Talking to Girls

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"I think every chick would love a guy to tell her that [she's wanted] … that there’s a handful of guys in the back of her mind that she’d love for him to say that to her, not because she wants him now, but just to say 'I told you so,' I think. Every guy’s guilty of not having the guts to go flirt with the girl that he sees across the room."