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6 TV Shows From Our Past That Should Come Back

With the Emmy nominations coming out this morning, we got to thinking about our favorite TV shows from yesteryear. Here are our suggestions for producers so they can start brainstorming ideas for future Emmy winners (we're available for plot suggestions as well!).

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Full House

The series finale of Full House concluded with the perfect compilation of sappy music and group hugging, but there is still so much to tell about the Tanner/Katsopolis/Gladstone family! Do D.J. and Steve get married? Does Joey move out? Will Nicky and Alex ever get their hut cut?! These are serious questions that we would love to see answered in a reboot.


Okay, so the Rugrats franchise has already made two excellent movies and Rugrats: All Grown Up, but you can never have enough of this Nickelodeon classic. The parents and babysitters of today deserve an entertaining cartoon to enjoy as they watch their kids.

The Secret World of Alex Mack

Did she or didn't she? That is the question everyone was left wondering at the end of the series finale of The Secret World of Alex Mack when Alex was given a cure for her powers. The show's creator has come out years later sharing what he imagines happened to Alex, her friends, and her family. Since he already has a clear idea, we say he develops it into a movie!

The Amanda Show

Let's face it, Amanda Bynes could use a comeback. What better way to bounce back from a tumultuous year than with a return of the Amanda Show? People still make references to the sketches like "Judge Trudy," "The Girl's Room," and "Moody's Point" from the comedy/variety show. All we have to say is: Amanda, please!

One Saturday Morning

Okay, so this technically isn't a television show but rather a programming block on ABC that aired — you guessed it! — every Saturday morning. But hey, we would be way more likely to wake up early on Saturday mornings if we knew we could watch our favorites like Recess, The Weekenders, and Pepper Ann just to name a few. We can still hear the intro in our heads...

Lizzie McGuire

Hey now, hey now this is what dreams are made of...if Lizzie McGuire came back to TV. The show was funny and relatable, and it could easily transition into a primetime show about Lizzie adventuring into adulthood with her boyfriend Gordo and best friend Miranda. Fans would finally find out what happened once Lizzie returned to the States after becoming an Italian pop star during her school trip to Rome. Seriously, though, after Hilary releases her next album we think her management should get working on this because why not?