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    6 Reasons Why Buying Physical Music Still Rules

    From iPods to SoundCloud, the music industry is continually evolving with new ways to listen to your tunes, but we're still superfans of music you can actually hold on to. We gotta side with our gal Taylor Swift on this one: CDs and vinyl are still cool—and here's why.

    The full album experience.

    Does anyone ever really purchase every song from an album on iTunes? Doubtful. But the hidden beauty of a full album is that some of the best songs aren't the ones playing on repeat via the radio or at the top of your fave Spotify playlists. Those are the hidden gems well worth the price of a full album!

    Artist autographs on your fave album. / Via

    You can't sign an iPod download.

    Cultivating an amazing home collection. / Via

    Music collections tell a lot about who you are as a person. You can physically see all the albums you have loved throughout the years, ponder the liner notes, take a fun walk down memory lane as your reminisce about where you were when you bought it, and think about how your preferences have changed. It's like a scrapbook of your musical soul, and you just can't do that with a streaming playlist.

    Admiring cool album artwork.


    Album artwork is always one of a kind. It's another way or artists to artistically express themselves and show what they are about. It's something that is fun for all the senses; now that artwork seems like an afterthought that just takes up extra memory on your phone.

    Making the perfect mix. / Via

    There's still no better way to show your love than giving your BFF or significant other a mixed tape or CD. It takes tons of thought, time, and effort. (Remember painstakingly queuing up songs to finish just at the perfect moment to complete one side of a cassette tape?). A perfect mix is still a great handcrafted gift that fits any occasion. Hello, Summer Jams 2014!

    Singing along with liner notes.


    Forget the guesswork or those tricky and unreliable lyric sites—that's the beauty of liner notes in a physical album package. It's all right in the palm of your hand.

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