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What Apartment Hunting In San Francisco Is Really Like

We all know shopping for a place to rent in one of America's best cities is no cakewalk.

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Median rent in San Francisco is $3,300 a month. If you spend one-third your income on rent (the amount the federal government says you should budget for housing), you should be earning about $9,900 a month, or $118,800 a year.

So most likely you’re either spending half your income on rent (and earning 72K per year) or living with a roommate.

According to Zillow, median rent is $3,300 a month and rising 10 percent year-over-year.

If you ask anybody how they found their apartment, they say something about "just getting lucky."

But in reality everyone crashes on their friend's couch or moves home to buy a few more weeks to apartment hunt.