This Was The House Of The Future In 1955

The house had an automated garage door opener and intercom system. The ’50s were advanced.

The “House of the Future” was designed in 1954 by Popular Mechanics magazine editor Thomas Stimson. In a 1955 cover story, Stimson explained his thoughts behind the prefab design and listed the amenities the futuristic home contained.

2. The home had a brand-new garage door opener

The article boasted that the home had a “new magnetic-impulse transmitter,” which opens a garage door from 100-feet away.

3. A fancy intercom system

The house of the future also included an intercom that connected the bedroom to the kitchen and the front door.

4. And a wacky steel frame exterior.

“The house has a steel frame like an office building… It has built-in sound insulation and is considered proof against fire, earthquake, windstorm, insects and extremes in temperatures.” Thomas Stimson, Popular Mechanics.

5. The outside had long-lasting exterior paint.

The exterior of the home was painted with a plastic coating developed to stand up under severe industrial and chemical conditions. “It is expected to last several times longer than most ordinary house paints.” Thomas Stimson, Popular Mechanics.

6. The inside had new wood paneling.

Wood veneer paneling was another new product for the home, bragged the article.

7. No one had seen anything like it.

The home was so novel in appearance, wrote Stimson, that “people passing by just can’t help stopping in to ask questions.”

8. All that’s left to add is a solar battery on the roof.

The only addition that the home should require in the next 50 years would be a solar battery to provide light, heat and power.
“It could be placed on the roof next to the space reserved for the future heliport,” wrote Stimson.

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