15 Epic Pools To Prep You For Summer

It’s not summer, but it will be. Get ready for the best season of the year with 15 really epic pools — both indoors and outdoors.

1. 1. We have to start with Hawaii, obviously.

Pool plus ocean is a no brainer.

2. 2. Grottos are great

Every pool party is better in a cave.

3. 3. Spray it, don’t say it

This pool is in the Seattle area, so let’s hope it’s heated!

4. 4. Quick, to the bat pool!

Batman fans, we’ve found your summer hangout.

5. 5. Glamour spot

It’s over the top, and it was also featured on HBO’s “True Blood.”

6. 6. Silicon swimspot

What else would you expect from a home in the land of Facebook and Google?

7. 7. Swans make it better

Unless you’re aiming for a really clean swimming area, swans make any pool more epic.

8. 8. Cliffside

We don’t suggest playing Marco Polo here.

9. 9. Let’s hear it for New York

When a home is listed for $37 million, it should always include an indoor lap pool with turtle motif.

10. 10. Another one in Manhattan

Just because it’s kind of crazy to have a pool in a five-story townhouse in the middle of the Big Apple.

11. 11. Wisconsin?

Yes, this pool is in Wisconsin. Get thee to America’s Dairyland pronto.

12. 12. Sunset swim

It looks like Italy, but it’s Newport Beach, CA, which isn’t such a bad locale either.

13. 13. Pool party!

In this Georgia house, it’s all about the pool.

14. 14. Rock on

This pool is built in an old quarry.

15. 15. Is popcorn waterproof?

Enjoy the feature film poolside.

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