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  • The longest bridge in the world!

    The bridge crossing the Hangzhou Bay in the East China Sea, as well as the Qiantang River, is the longest bridge in the world (by the sea), the length of the bridge is 36 km away. The longest bridge in the world Hangzhou Bay (Hangzhou Bay), in addition to its length, is also one of the most beautiful bridges in the world.

  • Golden Temple - the main shrine of the Sikhs

    Amritsar - the Sikh holy city located in the state of Punjab , an ancient Pyatirechye . The city has arisen around the lake of the same name , in the midst of which rises the main Gurdwara Sikh religion , shrine , known as the Harmandir Sahib or Golden Temple - a place of great tragedy , radically changed the history of India. Sikhism - a relatively young religion , created the first sihskim kuru Nanak in the XV century and combines the features of Hinduism and Islam. The fourth Sikh Guru Ram Das in 1577 dug a pond , called his followers Amritsar . In December 1588 the foundation was laid gurdwaras . Construction lasted 16 years and was completed in 1604. Externally gurdwara is fine - its upper tiers covered with gold , for which she was given the nickname “Golden Temple” . The interior of the temple is , in the opinion of the European, accustomed to luxury and grandeur of Christian churches, to put it mildly , minimalistic - by the Sikh tradition there are no objects and images , with the exception of the original holy book ” Adi Granth “, which is stored here since the completion of construction works. Sikh scripture rests under a canopy on a pedestal , decorated with precious stones, next to him all the time there is a person with a fan . Nothing more. Interestingly , assessed whether this restraint in the design of the future Emperor Nicholas II, who visited the temple in 1891 ?

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