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Kim Kardashian Needs Some Linda Belcher In Her Life...ASAP!

Move over, Kris... enough of this nonsense, time for some MOM-sense. Alriiiight!

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By now, we have all seen Kim Kardashian's Paper Mag much for leaving something -- anything -- to the imagination.

Kim is in need of the EXPERT advice of Linda Belcher...

She has tons of experience in the realm of daughters, butts/anuses, and sneaky cover-ups...

She has a daughter, Tina, who is outrageously obsessed with, yup, BUTTS.



Linda also has a sister, Gayle, that went through an anus phase...

And she found the perfect way to handle it...


FOX / Via
FOX / Via

Kim just needs Linda to cover up all her over-exposed ass with her own tasteful underwear -- Voila!

PaperMag / FOX / Zach Galehouse

Linda's got it -- it's handled. Don't worry about it!

You're welcome, Kim... Alriiiiiiiiiight!

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