Grabby Travels, The Most Well-Traveled Severed Hand

The zombie hand that travels the world.

1. Meet Grabby Travels…

Mt. Sawyer Peak, WA

2. He LOVES to travel…


3. And he can’t get enough beer…


7. Which pairs nicely with Chick-fil-A…

Though Grabby does not agree with their stance on gay marriage.

8. And Japanese noodles!

Auckland, New Zealand

9. It’s always nice to find (less decomposed) travel companions!

New Zealand

10. Sometimes, he just likes to chill in his hometown, Seattle

Seattle, Washington

11. And is a sucker for water parks!


12. Grabby likes a good read

Warsaw, Warszawa, Poland.

13. He’s a hopeless romantic at heart (and hand)

Flamingo Beach, Costa Rica.

14. He can be sneaky at times…. Can you spot him??

17. He gets along great with wildlife

Flamingo Beach, Costa Rica

18. And is quite the goofball

Dubrovnik Old City, Croatia

Grabby making friends with the local Montenegrins on their independence day. — at Kotor Montenegro.

Tourist need to be on the lookout for Grabby. — in Warsaw, Warszawa, Poland.

21. Grabby has a foot fetish and likes sunburnt babes

Budva, Montenegro.

22. But Grabby has standards yo.


23. Until next time! Bon voyage…


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