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20 Breathtaking David Hockney Masterpieces

Happy 77th Birthday!! Look at this post and feel instantly cultured.

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David Hockney, an important contributor to the Pop Art movement of the 1960s, is considered one of the most influential British artists of the 20th century. His work spans mediums, including being a painter, draughtsman, printmaker, stage designer and photographer and can be seen in numerous museums and exhibits around the globe.

Here is a collection of his infamous 'joiners' photo collages, which he briefly explored in the 1980's after creating the technique by accident. By taking photographs of the same subject from different perspectives and at different times, Hockney was able to capture a more complex narrative within each piece. However, he returned to painting after becoming frustrated with photography's "one eyed" approach.

1. Telephone Pole (1982)

2. Merced River,Yosemite Valley (1982)

3. Pearblossom Highway (1986)

4. Place Furstenberg, Paris (1985)

5. Mother I (1985)

6. Christopher Isherwood Talking to Bob Holman, Santa Monica (1983)

7. Nicholas Wilder Studying Picasso, Los Angeles (1982)

8. Billy Wilder Lighting his Cigar (1982)

9. Self Portrait With Folded Legs (1982)

10. Patrick Procktor, Pembroke Studios, London (1982)

11. My Mother, Bolton Abbey, Yorkshire (1982)

12. Mother (1982)

13. Kasmin, Los Angeles (1982)

14. Gregory, Los Angeles (1982)

15. Prehistoric Museum Near Palm Springs (1982)

16. Robert Littman Floating in My Pool (1982)

17. Photographing Annie Leibovitz While She Is Photographing Me, Mojave Desert (1983)

18. Walking In The Zen Garden, Ryoanji Temple, Kyoto (1983)

19. Sun On The Pool Los Angeles (1982)

20. Chair (1985)

Happy Birthday, David Hockney!

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