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18 Adventurous Facts About 'The Goonies'

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3. When the boys are sitting in the living room watching MTV, they weren't actually watching the Cyndi Lauper "Good Enough" video, which was developed six months after filming wrapped up.

8. When Chunk and Sloth head down through the grate to follow the gang and the Fratellis, Sloth is wearing an Oakland Raiders T-Shirt.

9. When rocks are falling from the cave ceiling, Jonathan Ke Quan (Data) screams "Holy S-H-I-T!"

He said he spelled the expletive because his mother made him promise not to use any bad language in the movie.

11. John Matuszak's make-up took 5 hours to complete.

One of the eyes (which was out of place on the face) was mechanically operated off-screen by remote control. Someone would count down, and Matuszak would blink his other eye in synchronization. The cast was told not to get him wet in scenes outside of the pirate ship. Unfortunately, he got wet, delaying filming for an entire day.

12. According to Sean Astin, he was allowed to keep the treasure map used in the film. Several years later his mother discovered it, thought it was just a crinkled piece of paper, and threw it in the trash.

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