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  • The True Face Of Anonymous

    The movement group Anonymous is consistently labeled as criminals, terrorists, etc… Both by government and media outlets alike. But hopefully, we can get you to circulate this video to everyone. It definitely shows the true face of this movement. And is very heart-warming to watch.

  • 2011 Hurricane Season Time Lapse

    NOAAVisualizations Channel has some very interesting satellite videos of Earth, but few, if any have audio to them. I took it upon myself to add the appropriate music to this video, Zelda Remix “Song of Storms” by Ephixa.

  • Cleverbot Thinks You Are Mario

    So I had a heart-to-heart with cleverbot, and we got on the subject of names. I am 42% certain that cleverbot’s real name is Luigi, or it just thinks whoever is talking to it is Mario.

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